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A Celebration of the Cannoli Tower

We had almost a whole year of sending cake and tray bakes back and forth to friends and family to cheer each other up during the pandemic. By the time it came to my twin brother and sisters 22nd birthday we were done with cake (a sentence I never thought would come out of my mouth!). We wanted to create something special and unique (just like the twins) and so the cannoli tower was born!

A tower of 10, 15 or 21 freshly piped cannoli, stacked upon one another and held together with a waterfall of chocolate and decorated with chocolate dipped fruit and fresh flowers. The perfect centrepiece for a special occasion! We have been creating several of these almost weekly now for our customers and it has really allowed our team to channel our creativity. Every cannoli tower is unique, and the decoration and colour scheme often depends on the flavours selected by the customer (our flavours change seasonally).

If you are planning a party, celebration, get together or even a gift for someone you love email us to get your tower booked in!

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